The MeatSpin Video!

The world Meatspin record is: 10,000,112 spins

Legend states that the record for spins viewed is held by a group of Irish university students in 2009, who recorded themselves sitting through a total of 10,000,112 spins. It is believed that the team comprised of 4 students working around the clock to ensure they did not miss any spins. Although video evidence was taken on a webcam, the recording was lost. This story has not been verified with evidence.

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What is MeatSpin?

Meatspin is a website containing footage of a man anally penetrating another. During this act, the top man’s penis ‘spins’, thus performing what some observers have called a ‘meat spin’. Contrary to popular opinion, this is not a vanilla gay porn movie with two gay males. The clip actually depicts a trans gender person on top of a thrusting male. The Meatspin site contains a counter to track the number of spins the viewer has viewed. A message is displayed after the user has been watching the video for around 20 seconds, offering congratulations for being 'officially gay'. Interpretations of Meatspin as a complex contemporary artwork are varied. The most common interpretation is that work was created in as a commentary on male / female body image in the 1980s and early 1990s. This reading sees the media as the penis on the bottom.